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Guidance Notes for Landlords & Agencies

Guidance Notes for Landlords before booking an Inventory:

Inventory Reports

You need to make sure that the property is completely ready and that any cleaning, decorating or other work planned has been carried out before we complete the Inventory Report. All furniture and any other items to be included in the Inventory must meet the current applicable Fire Safety Regulations and have the relevant labels attached (Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988/1989, 1993 and 2010).

Check-In Reports

At the check in stage we will inspect the property and compare it to the Inventory with the Tenant.  Any variations seen are noted on the inside blank page of the Inventory and numbered.  If there have been significant changes to the property since the Inventory was last used it is likely that an updated version will be required.  Agents/Landlords are advised to give fair notice to the Inventory Clerk if this is the case to allow sufficient time for the job, if in doubt please contact us to discuss your requirements.

In order to authenticate the Inventory it must be signed by the Landlord and Tenant and/or their representative.  The master Inventory (that agreed at the time of the check in) should be kept for safe use by the Landlord or the Agency to be used at the end of the tenancy or in the event of a dispute.

Quarterly Inspections

A quarterly inspection is a useful way to give the Landlord and Agency an idea of how well the property is being cared for and to highlight any issues that may cause deterioration to the property as the tenancy continues.

Check-Out Reports

The Tenant must have moved out of the property together with all of their belongings. All cleaning required under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement must have been completed prior to the time we are due to visit the property.

In order to compile a Check-Out Report we will need an original copy of a professionally produced Inventory Report which was signed by the Tenant at the start of their Tenancy.

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