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Privacy Notice – GDPR

Information Asset Register

Data Audit/Mapping

What Data is passed to Fast Track Inventories?

Name of Tenant(s) - where necessary
Address of property where Fast Track Inventories has been requested to carry out an appointment
Contact Number - where necessary
Email Address - where necessary

Who collects this information and passes it to Fast Track Inventories?

Letting Agent

How is this information used and on what legal basis?

The information is supplied in order for Fast Track Inventories to make appointments at the request of the Letting Agent or Landlord to conduct an Inventory, check in, check out or inspections

Fast Track Inventories does not share this information with any other party

Where is the information held?

Mobile phone

All above devices are password protected

Paperwork is securely shredded

Personal contact data will be deleted upon completion of the requested work

Any serious data breaches will be reported to the ICO within the required 72 hour period