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Inventory Reports

An Inventory Report is the most comprehensive report we offer. It is a detailed thorough inspection of the interior of the property noting the condition and the contents at the start of the tenancy, listing all items within the property. This includes fixtures and fittings, furniture, decorations, appliances, where applicable, paying particular attention to any existing damage or worn items and also the cleanliness of the property. The report also records the condition of gardens, garages and any outbuildings within the boundary of the property. Electric and Gas meters are read, where possible, with readings noted in the report (however water meters will be read upon request). The report is signed and each page initialed by the Tenant at the start of the lease and forms part of a binding contract. The Inventory is compiled into an easy to read report with accompanying photographs.

Check In

We can arrange to meet your tenant at the rental property at a mutually convenient time. We can do this on or before the start of the tenancy agreement. We will go through the Inventory with the Tenants and obtain their initials on each page and obtain their signature on the back page on two copies of the Inventory, one to be retained by them and the other will be returned to the Letting Agency or Private Landlord. We will also, where possible, take meter readings and hand over the properties keys, fobs and parking permits should you require us to do so.

Quarterly Inspections

When a property is let it is beneficial to both the Landlord and the Tenant to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Communication is very important and any issues relating to the property need to be sorted out not only quickly but also in a way which is fair to both parties.

Both Landlords and Tenants can benefit from our quarterly inspection service which can be arranged once a tenancy is underway at a convenient time to suit the Tenant. A Quarterly Inspection report will detail any changes in the condition of the properties fixtures and fittings. This can alert Landlords and Agencies to any damage that may have occurred due to faulty equipment or misuse of the property. Also it can bring to the Landlord’s attention the possibility of unauthorised free roaming animals, smoking and sub-letting in the property which may not have been agreed on the signed tenancy agreement.

A Quarterly Inspection report can alert both Landlord and Tenants to any potential liabilities that they themselves may be responsible for. By dealing with such issues early on solutions can be found to resolve matters as soon as possible. This will keep unexpected costs down which may become a problem due to the remaining term of the tenancy.

Check outs

We visit the rental property at the end of the tenancy either with or without the tenant present, this is possible because we are totally independent and have no conflict of interest with the Tenants or the Agency/Landlord. The property is inspected throughout and a note is made of any differences between the present condition of the property and that described on the Inventory Report which was compiled before the start of the tenancy. Photographs are taken at this stage of any damage noted to accompany the check out report.

The check out report includes specific details with regards to the general condition and cleanliness of the property. We will also note any items which are now broken, missing or damaged and any furniture that has been removed and not replaced in its original position on the Inventory. We will also check gardens, garages and outbuildings for any rubbish or items not being removed.

Where possible we will take meter readings and oil tank readings.  If the Tenant is present we can accept the return of the properties keys on behalf of the Agent/Landlord. The check out report will be returned to the Agency/Landlord on the day of the check out, where possible.

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